Download the 2018 Agenda & Session Descriptions

General Sessions

The Future of State Insurance Regulation

Mary Jo Hudson – Squire Patton Boggs

Session Description:

Insurance Regulation Insight: Come hear from a former Ohio state insurance commissioner’s insightful information regarding trends in state insurance regulation. You will learn some of the NAIC’s priorities for 2018, including review of the Suitability Rule and issues for the future with RegTech. We will also discuss topics such as Big Data, Data Security & Privacy, and “Free Lunch” seminar marketing. You won’t want to miss this session!

Beyond NAIC and DOI

Dama Brown – FTC & Paul Signer
Alysa Hutnik – Kelley Drye

Session Description:

Beyond NAIC and DOI: How other laws, enforcement agencies and consumer complaints can influence your advertising practices: During this session we will explore how insurance advertisements can be subject to scrutiny and enforcement beyond state insurance advertising laws and beyond state Insurance Commissioners. Specifically, we will discuss how State and Federal consumer protection laws, and each of the State AGs, the FTC, the BBB and consumer litigation could play a role

Regulator Panel

John Reily – Florida

Paul Hanson – Minnesota

Tom Carswell – Georgia

David Bolton – Oregon

Philip Reyna – Texas

Session Description:

Regulator Panel: Questions submitted in advance are answered by our regulator panel. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear directly from regulators on the issues that are important to you! Submit questions to by March 2nd!

Regulator Round Robin

John Reily – Florida

Paul Hanson – Minnesota

Tom Carswell, Georgia

David Bolton – Oregon

Philip Reyna -Texas

Session Description:

Regulator Round-Robin: Attendees will break into 4 small groups with 1-2 regulators per group.  There will be 3 rotations with each rotation lasting approximately 25 minutes.  Each regulator will be assigned to a breakout room and provide a brief introduction and then open up the reminder of the session to questions from the group.  The individuals will be able to choose which state regulator(s) sessions they want to attend and at the end of a rotation the group will move onto another state regulator.  This will allow a more personal setting for you to be able to interact with the regulators in attendance.

Breakout Sessions

Field Generated Advertising

Heidi Gabel – GamePlan Financial

Maureen James – Summit Compliance Group

Session Description:

Field Generated Advertising: Do you know what materials your contracted producers are using in their lead generation efforts, which can ultimately lead to the sale of insurance products offered by/through your company?  From turn-key third-party seminar vendors, to insurance marketing organizations who offer a variety of sales and marketing strategies, and even business practices that may include inappropriate lead generation activities to generate insurance sales by the producer himself, learn what to look for to help protect your producers and company from regulatory scrutiny and consumer complaints.

Impartial Conduct Standards & the NAIC Advertising Model: How to Avoid Misleading Statements

Ted Newton – MassMutual

Roger Hayashi – Summit Compliance Group

Session Description:

Impartial Conduct Standards & the NAIC Advertising Model: The NAIC model life insurance advertising regulation, FINRA’s advertising rule and the Impartial Conduct Standards all prohibit misleading statements and omissions. What does that mean for your company, your intermediaries or your agents? This panel will review these standards and how to avoid missteps in your advertising.

Insurance Advertising 101

Sande Chaffin – Texas Life

Session Description: New to Insurance Advertising? We’ll start with the basics – the definition of advertising and how it applies to your line of business. Then we’ll discuss a practical approach to your responsibilities. This session will also give attendees information on additional resources – what you need to know and where to go if you don’t know. Professional organizations have many resources to increase  your knowledge of the industry and of the role of advertising. We’ll talk about some of the most common organizations and training’s they offer.

FINRA: Variable Advertising

Anthony Maher – FINRA

Session Description: TBD

Advertising Compliance in the Digital Age

Sarah Patton – Allianz

Ted Newton – Mass Mutual

Session Description:

Advertising Compliance in the Digital Age: The digital age is moving fast.  As industry attempts to keep up with evolving technology, this session will address  best practices in advertising compliance and how to navigate challenges presented by digital marketing, including lead generation and social media, in the current regulatory environment.

Data Security & Privacy: What You Say (or Don’t Say) Can and Will Be Used Against You

Spencer Elg  – Kelley Drye

Session Description:

Data Security & Privacy: What You Say (or Don’t Say) Can and Will Be Used Against You: 

We will explore the state and federal privacy and data security landscape, with a focus on the importance of being careful about what companies say about how information is collected, stored, and shared.  The discussion will also cover some basic steps that companies can take to reduce their risk of making statements that could be used against them.

Brand Reputation: Risks, Controls, Brand Protection

Melanie Worth – Mutual of Omaha

Session Description:

Brand Reputation – Risks, Controls, Brand Protection: Learn about the controls you can put in place to protect your brand, while also engaging in a discussions of real-life issues that have come up within our personal experience as well as nationwide.

Compliance, Marketing, and Sales: A True Partnership

Heidi Gabel – GamePlan Financial

Mike Delaune – GamePlan Financial

Chad Gough – GamePlan Financial

Session Description:

Compliance, Marketing, and Sales – A True Partnership: Compliance, Marketing and Sales… 3 Specialties, 1 Goal – Producer success. This session is designed to be an open forum for all to participate. Hear the secrets of how this dynamic threesome works together to create compliant, effective marketing platforms and strategies. Learn how to address challenges head-on, which can facilitate a healthier Sales/Marketing/Compliance environment. You will also be encouraged to share your role within your organization and team success as well!

Hands-On Advertising

Glenda Bean – Currin Compliance Services

CJ Rathbun – First Consulting

Session Description:

Hands-On Advertising: An interactive session on how to frame feedback and have productive reviews! We kick-off by discussing key elements of a successful review, tips to make a persuasive argument for changes, and basic compliance requirements for advertising. From there, we break into small groups to practice using the techniques we discussed. We’ll come together to speak about the pieces we had, issues flagged, and proposed resolutions to wrap up!

Marketing to Seniors: 

Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans, Med-Supp, ACA Section 1557  

Helaine Fingold

Toya Werkheiser

Laurie Poulous – TRANZACT

Jennifer Kehm – AETNA

Session Description:

Marketing to Seniors: Managing compliant creation and use of marketing material for the advertisement of Medicare Advantage, Part D and Medicare Supplement Insurance – Panel will discuss best practices and address common issues/questions relating to compliance with Chapter 3 of the Medicare Managed Care Manual/ Medicare Marketing Guidelines, as well as applicable state and federal laws.  Discuss how to create compliant content for such marketing materials, including required disclaimers and prohibited content, and ensuring that the use of Medicare marketing materials complies with CMS guidance.

Index Products & Indices

Maureen James – Summit Compliance Group

Gary Romo – Allianz

Session Description:

Index Products and Indices – Marketing Compliance Do’s and Don’ts: Fixed Index Life Insurance and Annuities can be complicated products, and thus discussing them in advertising materials is often subject to regulatory scrutiny. This session will focus on the unique features of these products and the variety of index allocation choices available. We’ll will discuss how to make the concept understandable to consumers while avoid potential regulatory landmines around the indexing feature.