President’s Message

January 2020

Dear IAdCA Friends and Volunteers:

As we embark upon the promises of 2020 and reflect on 2019, I couldn’t be more excited about the group of professionals that serve alongside me on the IAdCA Board of Directors to help ensure IAdCA remains an industry leading, viable advertising compliance resource for all our compliance, legal, and marketing colleagues.

We have a group of highly dedicated individuals that have shown innovation and tenacity with several initiatives, some of which you may have noticed!  Our PR Committee Co-chairs, Gary Romo and Jaclyn Del Valle, have selected a dynamic group of individuals to form a committee who have not only rebranded IAdCA with a fresh look, but also brought technology into our organization that has created a much better way to communicate with IAdCA attendees through our Whova app.  This initiative went so well in 2019 that we have secured this technology for 2020 and will be exploring additional creative ways to use it in Portland, OR.  Also, have you seen our new email communications?  Wow!  Fantastic!  If you haven’t seen them, perhaps they are getting blocked.  You may need to add “” to your email permissions.  To help address concerns of not reaching our IAdCA friends through email, our PR Committee created and sent a beautiful postcard announcing our upcoming 19th Annual Conference that will be hosted in Portland, OR April 22-24, 2020.  We hope to see you there!

But wait… there’s more!  Our Conference Committee Co-chairs, Kate Goldsmith and Cathy Vasilev, have formed a committee complete with highly experienced IAdCA family members (a few faces many of you will remember – Murray and Maurita!) as well as new members to help provide fresh ideas.  They have already been working diligently on helping ensure one of the best conference experiences yet. Simultaneously they have been working on securing our undisclosed site for 2021, IAdCA’s 20th Anniversary, you won’t want to miss it!

And more… our Education Committee Co-chairs, Laurie Poulos and Maureen James, have formed a well-rounded committee with a diverse group of industry professionals to help ensure we provide timely and relevant content. The agenda for the 19th Annual IAdCA conference in April 2020 includes not one, but two Keynote speakers, as well as general sessions with regulators from multiple state insurance departments, and breakout session options for compliance, legal, and marketing professionals in the annuity, life insurance, health (including Medicare) insurance, and the long-term care insurance sectors. Topics to be covered include data privacy, cyber security, social media marketing and enforcement actions, among others. Our purpose is to provide real-time information on the latest developments regarding compliance regulations and industry standards. Check out our current agenda with the most up to date lineup of speakers and topics… you won’t be disappointed!

With all the excitement around IAdCA’s current initiatives, I would be remiss to not announce the departure from IAdCA and the Board of Directors and retirement celebration of Debby Paris. Debby has been an integral part of the IAdCA family since 2014. In 2016, she was elected as a Board member and served as the Assistant Secretary until 2018 where she took on a primary role as IAdCA’s Secretary.  She also served on the Conference Planning Committee for four years and on the Audit Committee for one year. Debby’s recommendation is for everyone to get involved. In her farewell message, Debby stated:

“IAdCA is a tremendous organization and a great way to learn what’s going on in the industry.  I’m blessed that I met so many wonderful people along the way and, it started by working on a committee.  I’m impressed with how a few volunteers pitch in and come up with wonderful things.  Get involved.  You won’t regret it!”

Debby’s service to IAdCA will never be forgotten.  We wish her the best in many years of retirement, perhaps as an author as she mentioned interest in writing during her retirement years. “Debby Paris”… a catchy author’s name!

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to recognize all of our loyal and new conference attendees.  IAdCA would not exist if it wasn’t for each of you.  We had several compliance professionals that attended our 2019 conference in Philadelphia for their first time and many that have attended annually for over ten years.  We know you could not attend without the support of your companies for whom you represent.  Thank you for taking the time to contribute individually by attending and participating in the breakout and other interactive sessions, and a big thank you to the companies you work for in supporting your participation in our annual IAdCA conference.

Please do not keep us a secret.  Share your experience and our information with your colleagues that may not have been exposed to IAdCA.  Also, if you would like to become more involved on a committee, please respond to our “IAdCA Needs You!” page found on our “About” tab.  We look forward to seeing you in Portland, OR April 22 – 24, 2020!


Heidi Pemberton

IAdCA President