President’s Message

March 17, 2020

Dear IAdCA Friends and Volunteers:

As we all navigate our way through unprecedented times in our rapidly changing personal and professional environments, the IAdCA Board of Directors has been meeting regularly to discuss all updates related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). In light of recent events and the growing concerns of limiting exposure to the virus by limiting group gatherings, with heavy hearts, the Board of Directors met today and unanimously decided to cancel our upcoming annual conference in Portland, OR that was scheduled for April 22-24, 2020.  As such, the Board of Directors is currently working on addressing all paid registrations and will be sending out a communication in the coming weeks regarding your options.  We will also be working with The Nines to help ensure all current room reservations for the conference are cancelled.  Although The Nines has their own cancellation policy in place, we suggest you contact them by April 1, 2020 to confirm your reservation has been cancelled and to ensure charges will not be incurred. For your convenience, their contact information is as follows:

The Nines Phone: 877-229-9995


For those of you who have already booked your flights, it appears that most, if not all, airlines are waiving change/cancellation fees, which is great news for each of our supporting organizations!

I want to personally thank each and every one of our new friends and veterans for your continued support and commitment to IAdCA. As I’ve mentioned before, without you, IAdCA would not exist.  On another personal note, I look so very forward to connecting with other industry professionals at next year’s annual conference. It has literally been one of my top annual highlights every year since my inaugural year in the insurance industry ten years ago. Connection with others facing similar challenges and sharing wins with each other is what helps fuel our energy and ability to do what we do in our specific job functions. As such, I cannot stress enough how much I am looking forward to connecting with you at our 2021 annual conference.  Where and when will it be held?  We will reveal that information very soon!  In the meantime, stay safe and well!



Heidi Pemberton

IAdCA President